Riley Bowen, La mia esperienza a Viterbo finora – My experience in Viterbo so far

di Riley Bowen*

Viterbo holds a sweet serenity with hidden beauty at every turn. Within the walls of this town I have felt a remarkable sense of community and profond hospitality. At the beginning you might think that Viterbo can seem intimidating, but as you get to know people and people get to know you, you will be faced with an incomparable generosity.
Becoming accustomed to this way of life has been a pleasure and I am so thankful to spend time here exploring new places and meeting new people.
There are a few cafes that I cross paths with daily: Cafe Valentino, Red Rose Cafe, Bistrot del Teatro and the cafe at University of Tuscia. These have become my favorite places to catch up with friends or to prepare school works as they have created such a positive environment. Osteria Moderna is an elegant bar and restaurant run by my neighbors and I am so thankful for their kindness. I have fallen in love with the desserts at L’Antica Latteria. It is such a popular place for very good reason: it is undeniably delicious. Throughout my time here I have enjoyed picnics in Valle Faul Park where many couples and friends gather on the grass admiring “The Awakening”, a statue that emerge from the ground.
Admiring the sunsets from the courtyard of Palazzo dei Priori has been one of the most delightful views I have ever witnessed. You have a great overview of Viterbo there and watching the bells ringing as the hour changes with the sun setting behind the fountain is quite a magical experience.
On the way home at night if you find yourself by the San Lorenzo Cathedral it will be mesmerizingly lit up by the yellow glow of the street lights and many nights you can hear angelic voices echoing out from the church.


giochi di luce

baristi in posa

tavolata b-n

quartiere medievale

barista con brioches

Bistrot del Teatro

chiostro - verticale

Il giardino sotto i portici di piazza del Comune

Viterbo - Valle Faul, 'Il Risveglio' by Seward Johnson 2011: Head, April 2016, © <a class="wikipage" href="/af/Geography/About/Consortium/Judt%2C_Ewald">Ewald Judt</a>, <span class="licenseline">under <a href="" data-href="/af/Licenses/CC-BY-4.0" title="License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International" class="license ccby" rel="license"><span>CC BY 4.0</span></a></span>

Foto: Valle Faul, ‘Il Risveglio’ by Seward Johnson



My name is Riley Bowen, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Portland Oregon where I attended Southern Oregon University. There I majored in communications and… And minored in creative writing, and played soccer for their women’s soccer team. I have a passion for photography and journalism and have written for my schools newspaper The Siskiyou. I hope to carry on with journalism in my professional career and capture people and places that do not get enough light shed on them.

Mi chiamo Riley Bowen. ho 20 anni e vengo da Portland, Oregon, dove ho frequentato la Southern Oregon University. Lì mi sono specializzata in comunicazione e… E laureata in scrittura creativa, e ho giocato a calcio nella loro squadra femminile. Ho la passione per la fotografia e il giornalismo e ha scritto per The Siskiyou, il giornale della mia scuola. Spero di continuare con il giornalismo nella mia carriera professionale e catturare persone e luoghi che non ricevono abbastanza luce.