Opening: December 2, 2023, Alice Pasquini, Rosso20sette Contemporary Art

Alice Pasquini_Rosso20sette

Opening: December 2, 2023, at 6:00 PM
Rosso20sette Contemporary Art
Via del Sudario 39 – Rome*
Exhibition Runs Until January 20, 2024


On Saturday, December 2, 2023, at 6.00 PM, Rosso20sette Contemporary Art proudly presents the exhibition KALEIDOSCOPE by Alice Pasquini, accompanied by text authored by Valeria Parisi.


KALEIDOSCOPE embodies a journey delving into the narrative essence and intimate fabric of human connections within urban landscapes. Similar to how a kaleidoscope crafts an array of figures from a singular source, the showcased animations, moving paintings, and displayed frames encapsulate fragments of small stories that collectively weave a multifaceted tapestry portraying the city and the emotions it harbors.


Art, particularly the medium of street art, stands as a potent counter to societal marginalization, transforming urban wounds into canvases that resurrect the value of overlooked elements. Each city’s unique context influences and fuels these artworks, becoming a testament to the social fabric and contextual essence inherent in art.


Alice Pasquini’s creations narrate human sentiments, relationships, and emotional states resonating with every individual. They unfold as evolving tales, in a constant dance with the dynamic urban environment. The exhibition offers a diverse exploration: from animated works depicting emotions in motion to the fusion of various artistic techniques, including an installation revealing the behind-the-scenes aspects of the exhibition.


Structured across two chambers, the first hosts animations, frames, and canvases capturing the core essence of works in motion. The second room offers visitors a glimpse into Alice Pasquini’s artistic studio, providing a unique perspective on the creative process, enabling a deeper understanding of the context and inspiration behind each project.


At the exhibition’s core lies the individual and their life within the metropolis, traversing through luminosity, obscurity, fervor, tranquility, and yet, also solitude and uncertainty. The animations extend the temporal scope of creative pursuits, while the graphic and painterly expressions serve as avenues to forge an individualized artistic language. Characters within the drawings are mutable, undergoing continuous transformations, immersing and dissolving into the scene’s colors, only to reemerge in altered forms.


The exhibited animations are complemented by the musical compositions of DJ Gruff.


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