Lauren Graziano: On the River

I wouldn’t say I’m an impatient person, but I’m not sure I’d categorize myself as a patient one either. My friends would most likely tell you I’m impatient because I walk very fast whenever we travel places. Perhaps it is impatience combined with my excitement to get where we’re going and see what we planned to see. For whatever reason, I like to walk at a nice brisk pace; life goes by quickly and there’s too much to see and do to waste time toddling about.
I love to travel so, as you can imagine, studying abroad in Viterbo has quite literally been a dream come true for me. There are so many remarkable places I’ve been able to visit, incredible monuments and historical sites I’ve seen, unbelievable, worldwide famous art that I have stood in front of, wondering how much patience the artist must have had to paint something so elaborate (I actually like painting—I wouldn’t say I’m good at it—but my patience and interest tends to last for about one measly painting session before I’m ready to move on to something else). Touring around Europe, exploring so many phenomenal things has—and still is—spectacular. It’s also vastly different from how I lived before arriving in Italy back in January. There are things that I miss from home in Colorado and even my university in Iowa. Playing soccer with my teammates, the routine schedule I had every day, making smoothies in my kitchen, and one thing I especially miss, fly fishing with my dad.
Fly fishing might be one of the only activities I love to do despite the fact that it requires an exorbitant amount of patience. It’s a lot of casting, watching, waiting, and casting again, and again, and again. Many people are adamant that fishing is boring, but I think they need to try fly fishing. It is serene and relaxing, standing in the river, waders on underneath big, clunky boots, clear glassy water rippling past you in a frenzied torrent, as anxious to flow downstream as I am to get to the next destination when I travel. As peaceful as it is, to listen to the sound of the water and gaze at the majestic Colorado landscape, fly fishing is equally thrilling. Nothing compares to when you get a bite on your line and suddenly you’re caught in a furious battle with a stubborn fish that does not want to be reeled in (or, in some cases, you catch your fly on your hair or your vest and battle getting that unhooked). Catching a fish is the best feeling ever though, it’s a satisfying and triumphant moment and I love it. To be able to fly fish in one of the most beautiful states in the U.S. makes it even better (call me biased, but if you’ve been to Colorado you know I’m right). Colorado has the most beautiful rivers, tucked away in its canyons, off bumpy dirt roads, some of nature’s finest work hiding from the rest of the world. My dad and I get up extra early when we go fly fishing so we can get the best spots on the river. If you know me, you know I don’t particularly enjoy early mornings, but for whatever reason, many of the things I love in life tend to take place early in the morning (it’s exhausting, but worth it).
Italy has been a whirlwind of early morning adventures, but I’m looking forward to being back on the river, for my early morning Colorado adventure of fly fishing. The vibrant blue sky, sunny days, glassy rivers, and the fattest fish in the river are waiting for me. And when you don’t catch one of those fat fish, a beautiful day on the river is still one of the best ways to spend time—even if you’re as impatient as I am.

Lauren Graziano è una studentessa americana USAC che studia all’Università della Tuscia per il primo semestre di questo anno scolastico. E’ cresciuta alle Hawaii, ma ora vive in Colorado e studia in una università nello Iowa, dove ritornerà il prossimo autunno, dopo il suo semestre a Viterbo. Ama viaggiare, leggere, scrivere e uscire fuori, sia che si tratti di escursioni, sci, nuoto o altre divertenti attività all’aperto.