Jaycee Grider: My arrival to Viterbo was, to simply put it, exhilarating

of Jaycee Grider*

Il nostro benvenuto a Jaycee Grider, studentessa americana di Usac, arrivata da inizio settembre a Viterbo. Ogni martedì curerà un articolo in cui descriverà le sue impressioni in questo soggiorno italiano, nella nostra Viterbo.
Ecco il primo reportage giornalistico con gli scatti più belli…

My arrival to Viterbo was, to simply put it, exhilarating. From the day I got here to almost a month later, I have been busy. Busy in the best way such as making friends, taking hikes, getting used to my new classes here and learning the ins and outs of this wonderful city. It has been a privilege to make a few local friends, who have showed us around. Experiencing Viterbo’s spunky little bar scenes, soaking in some relaxing hot springs, and hiking up a hillside to lookout over the city has been nothing short of special. Knowing I get to meet more locals and learn about the history of Viterbo is beyond exciting. I am lucky to call this city home for the following months, thank you for the warm welcome!


*The author
My name is Jaycee Grider and I am from Reno, Nevada, USA. I study journalism back in the states at my local school: the University of Nevada, Reno. For the next three months, I will be living here in Viterbo as an exchange student and I’ll be traveling around Italy as well as surrounding countries. Thus far my travel abroad experience has been wonderful. Viterbo already has a very special place in my heart.

Mi chiamo Jaycee Grider e vengo da Reno, Nevada, USA. Studio giornalismo negli Stati Uniti presso l’Università del Nevada, Reno. Per i prossimi tre mesi, vivrò qui a Viterbo come studente di scambio e viaggerò in Italia e nei paesi circostanti. Finora la mia esperienza di viaggio all’estero è stata meravigliosa. Viterbo ha già un posto molto speciale nel mio cuore.




credit foto: Jaycee Grider