LIFE/Zelda Elisco: Italian Evenings

On a weekend night, Viterbo comes to life. By early Thursday evening, the
quiet streets that are normally filled with children on their to school,
bikes and cars, become filled with young crowds of Italians enjoying good
conversation and wine. The San Pellegrino, and piazzas surrounding,
become particularly elated with life. Friends gather in large groups and
pick a sit beneath the staircase of the medieval churches to enjoy the
cooler hours of the night together. Walking through the area, you can
pass a handful of colorful bars, packed with people and chatter. Bar
tenders work quickly to fight back the thirsty crowd of friendly customers
as drinks are prepared one after the other. Lines are no custom when
ordering a drink, so it is best to take charge and order with confidence
that it is your turn! Tables inside the local venues are hugged with
filled chairs and local musicians playing spontaneously in the background.
Outside, against the doors of shops and leaning against fountains, more
night owls smoke cigarettes and speak loudly in excitement. Weekends in
Viterbo are their own special show. Evening strolls have become a new
hobby of mine, and I’ve grown particularly fond of the time during the
evening when I part for home and get to enjoy listening to the quietness
Viterbo becomes. After about midnight, the lights glowing inside homes
grow a bit dimmer, and the stars become all the more brighter. One never
feels unsafe at night, for you can not go more than a few streets before
hearing the laughing of a group of friends as they hop from the bar to a
nearby disco. For me, it is hard to decide whether the day or night is
more beautiful here in Italy. Everyday, I find a new element to admire
about the life I am living here in Viterbo. However, the nights I spend
roaming the star lighten streets of my beautiful town remain dear to my

*Zelda is an Environmental Science student from California who is currently studying abroad in Italy. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, photography and painting. In addition to attending school in Italy, she also manages a travel blog where she documents her experience abroad and discusses culture, food, and her adventures.
Zelda è un’Americana della California. Studia Environmental Science e abita in Italia. Quando ha del tempo libero, le piace cucinare, fotografare e dipingere. Inoltre, ha un blog dove descrive la sua vita in Italia.

Foto di Valerio Giulianelli