LIFE/Madeline Merlic: The Stages of Shock

I woke up on Wednesday November 9th, 2016 and checked my phone messages. My boyfriend, who currently lives in California, was texting at 12 a.m. his time.
“Trump has won the election”.
I thought that this was a joke. I could not have ever imagined this outcome in a million years.
I went to the New York Times website to check their live election updates and what greeted me was Trump’s smug mug smiling back at me, the words “President Elect: Donald Trump”.
Stage one: I immediately broke down in tears. This man, who had openly verbally attacked women, people with disabilities, members of the Trans community, members of the LGTBQ community, Mexicans, African-Americans and Muslims. Throughout his two year campaign, he used fear and hate speech to gain followers who voiced their opinions loud and clear.
That is the beauty and the irony of America, we have the freedom of speech but it always seems to be those who speak the loudest are those who are putting others down.
Stage two: complete and utter anger. I was and am angry at the U.S., at its political system, at its rippling racism. My rage mixed with the third stage of shock, fear.
Stage three: I am fearful for what this new president will bring to the U.S. I am also afraid of what will happen within communities across the U.S. Our nation is so divided already and now that our president clearly does not care about everyone, what will stop those who hate, for example Mexicans or Muslims or women, from attacking them either verbally or physically?
As a woman, Donald Trump’s rhetoric about women makes me very scared. Scared that his complete disrespect will trickle down into future bills that might be passed.
The whole world seems to be in shock; it feels like a terrible nightmare.
I am trying to stay hopeful for what the next four years has in store. Maybe this awful man will inspire the citizens of the United States to get involved in politics or to stand up to those who oppress them. Of course, this is easier said than done. American citizens need to come together, they need to heal the wounds that are hundreds of years old.
For now, I wait to feel somewhat fine about this outcome. The world waits.

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