The San Antonio Bonfire in Bagnaia

di Elizabeth Doub*

On January 16th, this year’s annual bonfire in honor of Saint Anthony took place in Bangaia, a small town outside of Viterbo. It is truly an incredible sight.

In the middle of the town square, a huge fire is set ablaze, flames reaching into the night sky. Every year workers build and stack the logs into a massive, sturdy structure to be lit at sundown and burn throughout the night.

At the festival, guests can enjoy live music from various artists performing on a small stage set up in the front of the square, as well as try different food and drinks. One food that I highly recommend trying is Suppli (pictured).

Suppli is a popular Italian snack consisting of a fried ball of risotto or rice, cheese, and tomato sauce. It is delicious and a great thing to warm you up as you brave the cold during the festival. Also sold at the bonfire are other treats like gelato and crepes. You can order a drink at one of the bars, and enjoy it as you watch the beautiful flames and enjoy the party.

However you choose to spend the night, the fun goes on for hours. Many travel from nearby towns to see the action.

Long after midnight, people can be seen dancing to the music and socializing as the flames warm the winter air.

The atmosphere is lively and exciting, and truly a great experience.



Elizabeth Doub* per tutti Lizzie studia inglese al Goucher Collage nel Maryland, rimarrà a Viterbo sino agli inizi di maggio e fino ad allora ogni martedì ci proporrà i suoi articoli, raccontandoci le cose che in questo soggiorno la colpiscono di più.