Life/Giulia Marchetti: bridging the gap between America and Tuscia through human connection

Amber Petrossi

Giulia Marchetti is the president of the Italian Human Connections Association whose goal is to promote Tuscia internationally and foster global friendships.
Upon meeting Giulia, one may feel as if they have already known her. She is warm, welcoming, and has a deep desire to understand others.

After spending several years traveling to the United States, she wanted to build an organization that helps people experience Tuscia and all it has to offer. “I want
Americans to come and enjoy the slow life of Tuscia. It is the perfect place to enjoy the slow pace of lifestyle because it isn’t spoiled by tourists and all the restaurants are intended for locals, always greatquality.”

As someone who has spent their whole life near a very fast-paced city of Los Angeles, I
appreciate that the Italian lifestyle focuses more on spending quality time.
On one of her visits to the United States, Giulia stayed in small cities in Nebraska and Colorado, where she was able to take in the landscapes and be an ambassador of Tuscia. She shared local products with her American host families and developed deep friendships. From Giulia’s experience, Americans and Italians have many things in common. Each country has its strengths.

For Italy, perhaps “we have richer history and tradition”, while America boasts “landscapes that are absolutely beautiful”.
Upcoming projects include a partnership with Via Francigena, where they will raise money to purchase specific wheelchairs, allowing people with disabilities to participate in the pilgrimage.

Giulia and her organization (IHC) are also working alongside the committee for Tuscia in Fiore, an event in April that celebrates Spring in the Tuscia area. Giulia strives to reach a goal we should all have: to show the world the beauty of our homelands while cultivating global connections.

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The Author

*My name is Amber Petrossi and I am from Southern California, USA. I am studying anthropology and geography with a minor in Italian at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. I am studying abroad in Viterbo for the spring semester to learn more about Italian language and culture. I have always been drawn to Italy. Everything from art, food, and way of living. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to meet with artists in the Tuscia area!

Mi chiamo Amber Petrossi e vengo dal sud della California, USA. Sto studiando antropologia e geografia presso la California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Sto vivendo la mia esperienza all’estero, per questo semestre primaverile sono a Viterbo per saperne di più sulla lingua italiana e sulla cultura. Sono sempre stata attratta dall’Italia, dall’arte, dal cibo e dal modo di vivere. Sono entusiasta di avere con i miei articoli l’opportunità di incontrare alcuni artisti della Tuscia!