LIFE/Carin Dorghalli: Dreamlike Living


Strolling through the ancient towns of the Tuscia region of Italy makes me feel like I’m on the set of a movie. Surrounded by medieval walls that protected them from their enemies during medieval times, towns such as Viterbo (my current home), Civita di Bagnoregio, and Tuscania stand as remnants of the past. It’s almost as if these magical places are stuck in time.

Before moving to Viterbo, I pictured Italy having cobblestone roads, delicious carb-packed food, terracotta roofs, mopeds, clothes hanging on clotheslines, and gelato. Little did I know that Viterbo would nearly perfectly portray the picture I had in my head of Italy.

The waving fabrics on clotheslines, oddly enough, add a sense of wonder to Viterbo and all of the other Italian towns I’ve visited. While walking down the cobblestone roads, it’s fun seeing the colorful blankets, towels, and articles of clothing flowing in the wind from apartment windows.

The cobblestone roads of Viterbo are especially pretty when they’re rain-slicked at nighttime. The street lights reflect off of the stones, making them look golden.

The fact that around every corner there’s a pizzeria or a gelateria is dangerous, but at the same time, it’s all too sweet. After my first lick of true Italian gelato, I grew an appreciation for the convenience of living near multiple gelaterias.

My favorite attribute of this town is undoubtedly the medieval walls that surround it. Living here hardly feels like real life. One day, as I was taking the stairs up to my apartment, I glanced out of a window in the stairwell and surprisingly saw the medieval wall where I expected to see the side of my apartment! I always knew that my apartment has a stone wall in it like most of the other buildings around here, but it never registered that that wall is, in fact, a part of THE wall.

When living in a town that has castle-like structures, you can’t help but feel like you’re in a different time period where magic mirrors are prevalent, there’s a fear of dragons, awaiting a knight to rescue you is normal, and wishes come true. Sometimes, all I want to do is climb up a bell tower of a church and pretend I’m a Disney princess. Living in Italy makes me feel like I’m in a fairytale. There is so much to explore. I’m excited to venture out to see what else this place has in store.

Carin Dorghalli

Hi there, my name is Carin Dorghalli. I’m a student at California State University, Chico. My majors are Media Arts and Journalism. I’m studying abroad in Viterbo, Italy for the summer, with USAC. I chose this location because I believe the classes it offers will mesh well with my educational goals. I’m thrilled about the adventures I’ll have during my time in Italy.