LIFE/ Zelda Elisco: Viterbo’s Best Pizza

After a long weekend traveling through southern Europe, the perfect way to celebrate my home coming is ordering a glorious pizza. When I travel outside of Italy, I constantly miss the many specialties of the Italian cuisine, Pasta, fresh mozzarella or prosciutto come to mind, however, a good Italian pizza steals first place as my most missed dish. My first month in Viterbo I stumbled upon a hole in the wall pizzeria called “Le Duchesse Pizza.” The small shop, family owned and operated, is best known for their wood fire oven pizza’s, made to order. After my first pizza last semester, I knew I would become a regular costumer at least once a week. My favorite pizza’s to order range from a handful of colorful toppings, all of with pair with your classic Margherita base; olives, prosciutto, or mushrooms. I believe a few important factors divide this pizzeria from the rest in Viterbo. First, the ingredients used to make the pizza are locally grown and seasonal fresh. You can always guarantee that what ever toppings you choose for your pizza are going to be fresh from the days harvest and of the best quality. Secondly, Le Duchesse stands as my favorite pizzeria because their dough is extremely unique and delicious. When trying to describe how special the crust really is, I tend to give the description of, “crisp outside crust with a light flaking middle.” The thinness and lightness to the crust keeps the entirety of the meal light and enjoyable, without feeling too full by your last slice. Most importantly, the family who owns the restaurant are some of the kindest locals I have ever met. Because I have become a weekly costumer, I have grown quiet familiar with the two owners, the wife the pizza maker and husband store manager. Every time that I go to take a pizza, I am greeted with a warm smile and familiar face. I will greatly miss the authentic Le Duchesse pizzeria when I return back to the states, however, I believe the only solution to prepare myself for the post-pardon depression sadness is to eat a famous Le Duchesse pizza every chance I get!

Zelda is an Environmental Science student from California who is currently studying abroad in Italy. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, photography and painting. In addition to attending school in Italy, she also manages a travel blog where she documents her experience abroad and discusses culture, food, and her adventures.
Zelda è un’americana della California. Studia Environmental Science e abita in Italia. Quando ha del tempo libero, le piace cucinare, fotografare e dipingere. Inoltre ha un blog, dove descrive la sua vita in Italia.