Life/ Zelda Elisco: A lot of Italian Soccer Game

This past weekend I was able to check off one of my top bucket list items: Attend an Italian Soccer Game. In many ways, I feel that I would have never lived a truly authentic Italian life unless I had experienced an Italian soccer game. In America, we have this strongly rooted understanding that Italian soccer is sacred over sea’s, which in many ways is true. The spectacular idea of attending an actual match is a reality that so many wish to become their own. Naturally, I was so excited when my group of friend in Viterbo, half Italian and half American, planned to make a Saturday of going to a game together. The stadium was located just outside the medieval walls, a wonderful walk for the day, sun shining and breeze gently blowing. Once we all gathered our tickets, which was a little more than a process- believe it or not- we were welcomed into the bustling stadium. The match was set to be played against the Tuscan city; Lucca, which was the very first Italian city I had every visited this past summer. When I took my backpacking trip this past June with my cousin, we both marveled over Lucca’s ancient, untouched atmosphere and incredible food. I had hoped so badly that Viterbo would be just as Lucca was to me, the perfect fairy tale town to spend a year abroad-which of course Viterbo has been!
The moment kick off time arrived the crowded became electric with energy. The stands held mostly men, ranging from ten years old to retirement. However diverse, the crowd bounded over one common goal in mind; Viterbo had to win the match. With the sun tanning our skin and beers in hand, the match could not of been more enjoyable. I paid mindful attention to the game, but also took some time to examine the audience. Sitting behind us in the stands were some of the stadiums most honorable members; a group of minor league youth soccer players, dressed in their uniform and cheering on their idols from afar. Closer to the center of our seats was a group of die-hard cheerers who, from kick off to closing, never stopped chatting and waving their patriotic flags. Many times the crowd would join in song together to keep the energy alive and exciting. Of course, I clapped and screamed the best I could through every number.
However, the first goal Viterbo made was the best part of the entire day. The moment the ball hit the inside of our opponents net, every person in the audience stood up and screamed together as one. Dedicated supporters lining the fences hugged one another while the young and old erupted in Viterbo’s national song. It was an incredible moment to witness- the dream I had always dreamt of living.

Zelda is an Environmental Science student from California who is currently studying abroad in Italy. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, photography and painting. In addition to attending school in Italy, she also manages a travel blog where she documents her experience abroad and discusses culture, food, and her adventures.
Zelda è un’americana della California. Studia Environmental Science e abita in Italia. Quando ha del tempo libero, le piace cucinare, fotografare e dipingere. Inoltre ha un blog, dove descrive la sua vita in Italia.