A new environment a new home. Un nuovo ambiente una nuova casa

di Elizabeth Doub *

After arriving in Viterbo on January 9th and spending a night in a hotel, we were all given our living arrangements for the semester. I had chosen to live in a shared apartment with other USAC students. I was introduced to my roommates, and shown to a cab out front. We packed our luggage into the trunk and piled into the car. We took off speeding down the cobblestone streets. I watched curiously out the window, eager to see the surroundings. After many twists and turns, we eventually arrived at our new home. It was a three-bedroom apartment(pictured) on a residential street outside of the city walls. We lugged our bags up the stairs to our place on the third floor. The first thing I remember noticing about the apartment was its huge, beautiful living room. It was tastefully decorated and very charming. The second thing I noticed was how cold it was. We were told heating was expensive in Italy, so we made note to watch how much we turn the heat on. Some things took getting used to and I had to adjust to doing things like household chores differently. There is no dryer, so we dry our clothes on clotheslines hanging along the outside of the house, like most Italians. We also use a coffee machine called a Moka- pot to make coffee in the mornings. It is a little metal stove top pot that is present in most households in Italy. It’s very different from my drip coffee pot at home, but I’ve come to love using it. Just as I’ve come to love cooking for myself and my friends. My roommates and I have gotten to know each other well and had many lovely dinners in our new home. It was definitely an adjustment, but I love living here and gotten used to the differences so far. It is truly an authentic experience to say the least! I would say that the thing I was most nervous about for before studying abroad was the living situation, so I’m glad things worked out the way they did and I think it will be difficult to say goodbye to this place when it’s time to leave!


*Elizabeth Doub

HI, my name is Lizzie Doub and I study English literature at Goucher college in Maryland. Some things I enjoy are reading, camping, and cooking. My favorite foods to cook are frittatas and brownies.I also love traveling and exploring. Here’s a link to my Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/lizzi.doub.

Ciao, mi chiamo Lizzie Doub e studio letteratura inglese al Goucher College nel Maryland. Alcune cose che mi piacciono sono la lettura, il campeggio e la cucina. I miei cibi preferiti da cucinare sono frittate e brownies. Mi piace anche viaggiare ed esplorare. Ecco un link al mio Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lizzi.doub.