My trip to La Quercia

di Elizabeth Doub*

To add to the list of great day trips from Viterbo, I have to mention the lovely town of La Quercia. La Quercia is a small town, about ten minutes from the center of Viterbo on the way to Bagnaia, and has many hidden gems to discover. Upon arriving I first visited the basilica in the middle of town. Even compared to all the beautiful churches in Italy, this one was very impressive. With a simple design on the outside, the artwork inside amazes with its golden sculpted ceiling and paintings on the walls. The atmosphere is peaceful, quiet and beautiful inside as there were not many visitors when I went. It is nice to see such a beautiful church in such a small town. Next, I went to the Guido Biscetta bakery, a little building serving pizza and various baked goods. I was told that this place had incredible pizza, so of course I had to try some. It was excellent, a lot thicker and more filling than most of the pizza I’ve had in Viterbo. I definitely think it is worth the trip to try some. Also to it’s credit, La Quercia has some great views and scenery surrounding it. I chose to walk there from Viterbo instead of take the bus, and the walk leading into town has some lovely views of the countryside. If you can, I would recommend walking to La Quercia. Making the trip in general is for sure, worth it. I will definitely be returning soon.


*HI, my name is Lizzie Doub and I study English literature at Goucher college in Maryland. Some things I enjoy are reading, camping, and cooking. My favorite foods to cook are frittatas and brownies.I also love traveling and exploring. Here’s a link to my Facebook :

Ciao, mi chiamo Lizzie Doub e studio letteratura inglese al Goucher College nel Maryland. Alcune cose che mi piacciono sono la lettura, il campeggio e la cucina. I miei cibi preferiti da cucinare sono frittate e brownies. Mi piace anche viaggiare ed esplorare. Ecco un link al mio Facebook: