Matthew Burk: How I miss the simplicity of home! (Quanto mi manca la semplicità di casa!)

Matthew Burk

Every year I have learned that in the Springtime love comes, in the form of flowers. Which quickly Fades into autumn. Beauty presents itself and colors quickly change and are overshadowed by bitter cold. Winter swiftly bites and quickly blankets the ground and Fades to Spring where Arrow Springs up once again. My Garden is surrounded by nature and Grace.
And All Seasons Wildlife bring peace to my early mornings. The sound of the Woodpecker beating against the tree bring my eyes open at sunrise. These rhythms catch my groggy thoughts and bring my gaze upon the mischievous squirrels playing atop my roof and around the chimney. Their misconduct antagonizes my thoughtful dog all hours of the day. I eventually name the smallest squirrel “Chip”. After time and deliberately earned trust. To put it simply, we became friends.
I remember the texture of the First & Last fire of the day. To come inside and hear the first Crackle of the Embers after a hard day of work. Soothing. Especially on the weekend tending, trimming, shaping my landscape with such precision. Today I appreciate what little time I had before coming here to Vertibo.
What can I tell you about my city? It is small in comparison to most cities in the United States. Crime rate is low, and it is ranked top in cities best to live in. Boise is in a Backwater state in the Northwest Territory. It is the place that I call home. It is freedom. Within minutes within an hour or two you can be anywhere and completely cut off and isolated from the whole world. I don’t really believe that I picked such a complicated place to live.” What will be will be.” I was raised just a few blocks down from where I currently reside. This connects me to my early dreams of growing up. This is not the first time I left my country to pursue something more than myself. Life is about living and learning and pursuing your ambition, not letting your dreams turn into regrets.
In my own eyes my home is elegant and simple like Italian cuisine. What I miss most is my little dog. In the winter time she plays in the snow while I build a snow fort around the yard. In a way I figure I’m not that far from home. I walk around the city wall seeing locals taking their dogs for walks. I remember we are culturally different but in many ways, we are the same. We just share different kind of simplicity in life and to ourselves.

Matthew Burk, proveniente dagli Stati Uniti frequenta un percorso didattico e formativo con Usac soggiornando un semestre a Viterbo.Ama la scrittura e i viaggi.