Matthew Burk, American Steel

Matthew Burk

Oh, how I Miss driving, being away from home is not the hardest thing. It’s difficult not having transportation that makes it hard on an individual. Driving, was my first passion, my first desire, and inspiration to life. It’s was a sense of freedom, responsibility and personal pride. It’s hard to remember the first accident or mistake learning how to drive, but I remember the first time I was behind the wheel. I felt proud and honored being the first one out of my friends with a license and a car.

In any society, it’s a privilege to drive. It’s being an adult. Growing up and starting the responsibility of life. I couldn’t imagine a life without a vehicle but now, it’s has become a realization. I could give anything now for simple transportation like a bike. It feels like I’m less of a man not being behind the wheel and in control of my destination.

My best vehicle was a 1956 Chevy short bed truck. It’s completely made of steel and its almost indestructible vehicle. I used to drive it, race it and just act irresponsibly in it. That’s, why I loved it. It was the truck that gets you recognized by the older and younger generation. It was made in America when America meant something.

The newer cars are so fragile, with seatbelts and airbags. That’s the difference between classics vehicle and today’s modern car. Safety wasn’t an issue. My vehicle will last 50 more years, while today’s trucks and vehicles have an expiration date.
Basically, I missed my Chevy. I missed the freedom. I miss driving to the highest mountain and looking out. I exchanged that freedom to study here. Yes, it’s worth it, don’t get me wrong “I just miss driving”.

Matthew Burk, proveniente dagli Stati Uniti frequenta un percorso didattico e formativo con Usac soggiornando un semestre a Viterbo.Ama la scrittura e i viaggi.