Life/Selyna Bermudez: My Impressions On The Caffeina

Selyna Bermudez

As many of you know the Caffeina Festival started this past Friday in the city center of Viterbo attracting many locals and study abroad students that have made this medieval town their home. Experiencing the Caffeina Festival along with its culture was an amazing experience because I had the opportunity to ingest myself in the culture and see Viterbo in a different light. Being able to explore and catch a glimpse of Viterbo in its prime time was impressive because it was the first instance myself alongside with the other USAC students were surrounded by so much art, food, culture, and music performances.
This past weekend was my first time attending the Caffeina Festival in Viterbo. Before having the chance to attend the town’s biggest culture, music, and art festival, I have to admit I was feeling slightly nervous because I did not know what to expect. To ease up my nerves, I decided to invite a couple of my USAC friends to join me on my journey.
After we finished eating dinner around 9pm, we decided to walk over to the festival and check it out. As we started to walk through the enormous crowds of the city center, we were all completely in shocked. Our first impression was “oh my gosh guys this place is absolutely jammed packed! We have never seen so many people roaming the streets on a Saturday night!” The more we continued to make our way around the festival, the more surprises we encountered and the more flabbergasted we felt. For instance, our next biggest impression was how many different and unique food and dessert stands were operating. My friends and I were overwhelmed by all the diverse authentic Italian options that were on full display. But perhaps our favorite stand was the one with the atypical candy flavors and sizes because we would never find anything that tastes like this again. Aside from my friends, I decided to buy a long red sweet sour gummy stick dumped in light sugar. My first impression on this candy was, “wow I have never tasted anything so soft and chewy before!” Once we finished with our candy, we continued to make our way around the booths that were set up all around the plazas. To my surprise every plaza provided a different element that made the festival feel alive and exclusive. It was impressive to see that no matter how old you were there was something for you to do. Overall, the festival was nothing like I imagined it to be because the whole atmosphere blew me away.

Selyna Bermudez. Sono una studentessa dell’Università del Nevada, Las Vegas. Il mio indirizzo è il giornalismo con studi sui media e sui servizi umani. Questa estate sto studiando in Italia a Viterbo con USAC. Ho scelto una piccola città, per vivere la tranquillità e le bellezze che offre. Essere una parte di essa mi permetterà di esplorare la mia scrittura e dare voce a ciò che vedo. Sono felice di iniziare questo viaggio straordinario di scrittura!