Life/Anna Matteucci: Falesco Winery for the Wine Adverse

Falesco Winery for the Wine Adverse:
Vino. In italia vino is everywhere, and seems to be consumed more frequently than water. I
had the privilege to experience my first wine tasting at the Falesco winery about an hour away
from Viterbo. There was only one problem, I absolutely despise wine. From the deep dry reds to
the light sparkling whites, I find everyone of them to be intolerable.
Nonetheless, I found myself at a winery about to endure several hours of the think tannin
air that fills the room as soon as a wine bottle even appears. I could only imagine what an entire
cellar would being.
To be fair, I admire the immense amount of effort and expertise that it takes to transform some
grapes into a beverage worthy of tastings, analysis, and the inhuman facial expressions made by
professional tasters.
Even if I found my stomach ready to flip at the drop of a hat, I will say that receiving a tour
of a winery showed me just how gorgeous a wine cellar can be. I looked up at the grand
chandelier overlooking the barrels that covered the entire floor, wondering how I could ever have
something similar above my entryway.
Once the time for the tasting arrived I quickly made a deal with the person directly next to
me to pass her my glass once her’s was already empty. I considered it a mutually beneficial
arrangement; she gets more high quality wine, I get to sit and watch people hilariously describe
wine as full of red fruit, having hints of oak, and bitter. After the entire tasting protocol had been
successful completed for three wines, the experience finally came to an end. Unlike everyone
else I skipped the line at the little gift shop, the last thing I want to pack in a suitcase overseas is
a bottle of wine.
From time to time I would listen to the words of the tour guide, and I can say that I maybe
come away a little more knowledgeable about the intricate process so many have devoted their
lives too. Wine may not be my beverage of choice, but at least I can say that I know a little more
about the process than the average American still under the legal drinking age. Now time to
resume drinking limoncello and beer for the next three weeks before I head home to continue my
wine free lifestyle.