LIFE/Summers Sanders: Art Is in The Air. A Viterbo l’arte è nell’aria

With every breath, I take in more and more of Viterbo’s beauty. I am living and existing in the midst of history. Dating back from as early as the eleventh and twelfth centuries, Viterbo is an overflowing time capsule of art history. It is an important deal for me to be here; in the presence of all of this timeless splendor built as an expansion of Rome.

Art is apart of the Italian culture – in its many varying forms. From cuisine (of course), to photography, drawing and painting, to architecture; no matter where you turn your head and glance, you will see something aesthetically pleasing here in Viterbo. There is something attractive and exquisite to be found in everything – the cobblestone streets, the large, ancient stone ruins atop of chiesas, and even the straight running angle of a flight of external stairs on the medieval homes.

The Medieval essence of Viterbo keeps an antiquated vibe going throughout the town. The arches, the eerie fountains, the long-standing buildings, and the maze of vias and alleyways all combine to create a signature Italian scenery.

I have been in Viterbo for two weeks now and it’s already been a life changing experience. Everywhere I go, art and beauty surrounds me. The art here in the Tuscan region of Italy is deeply and permanently rooted. It’s ingrained in the nature and the scenery, the architecture, and even the people.

The well kempt landscaping is an art form in itself. Bright red poppies sprout and grow wildly in every grassy area. Soft pink roses – full and perfect – scale the walls of buildings near the Papal Palace. Honey suckles subjugate the tops of arches in every via and fill entire piazzas with their sweet smell.

I’ve visited jaw-dropping, phenomenal monuments and seen awe-inspiring art galleries. Fontana di Santo Stefano and Fontana Grande are among my favorites accompanied by the City Museum. I have found that most of my interest lies in the coat of arms and family crests that are etched into the tops of buildings. I like taking pictures of them, retreating to my apartment, and researching the history of the amazing architecture in Viterbo.

Viterbo is a small town flowing abundantly with grace, beauty, and warmth. The people are kind and caring, the sun is almost always shining, and it feels very “homey” here. Art is in the air. It is as if everything in Viterbo – living or inanimate – is the subject of one large painting. All of Viterbo is a masterpiece and I am grateful to wake up and spend my days exploring this town.

Mi chiamo Summer Sanders ho 19 anni e studio Comunicazione e Media al College Agnes Scott in Georgia. Cinema e studi africani sono altre materie universitarie che sto approfondendo e ho deciso di studiare all’estero per migliorare la mia formazione in cinema, fotografia e pittura. Sono un’artista e una sognatrice. Mi piace ogni posto d’Italia, la sua bellezza, la sua storia e la deliziosa cucina. Ogni giorno cresco sia spiritualmente che mentalmente. Il mio viaggio qui a Viterbo è l’occasione della vita e sono grata per ogni piccolo passo avanti che faccio.

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