Lauren Graziano: The Cliffs of Moher

Ireland is just as green as you’d expect it to be. Rolling hills, of vibrant green span the countryside with flocks of sheep dotting it here and there. It’s lovely too see, for a bit, but the long bus ride to the Cliffs of Moher was a tad too long and we were well beyond ready to put our two feet on the ground when it finally came to a stop in the car park.

It was almost as though we were in a movie, perhaps, if not for the chilling wind that seemed relentless in its attempts to tangle my hair. But the Cliffs of Moher certainly look like they belong in a film. Unbelievably massive, rising from the ocean below and towering above the waves that crashed at their base. Lovely green, turquoise, and grey shades colored the sides of the rocky cliffs—it looked as though someone has just finished painting them. We walked along the path that traces the top of the cliffs, pausing for photos and getting as close to the edge as we dared and making sure the camera captured it. Needless to say, the cliffs are brilliant and anyone who is brave enough to endure the treacherous bus ride there should do so for it is most certainly worthwhile to see them at least once during your lifetime.

Seeing the Cliffs of Moher from the top and gazing down to where their rocky bases meet the ocean wasn’t the only part of the adventure; following our exploration of the trails along the peaks of the cliffs we traveled down to a small port and were lucky enough to then embark on a boat tour of the cliffs. It was phenomenal—unless you get sea sick, in which case I would suggest keeping your own two feet on land and far away from the rocking boat and turbulent water. The boat ride is riveting though, it takes you along the coastline and the sun came out just in time for us to observe the cliffs basking in the sunlight as we sailed by. Tiny people, the size of the seagulls that flutter about the cliffs, dot the tops of the cliffs, doing exactly what we had been doing only an hour ago. To view the cliffs from below though, is an entirely different venture. It’s even more breathtaking than seeing them from the top, in my opinion, but I love the ocean so perhaps I’m a tad bit biased. But you ought to see the ocean that crashes against the Cliffs of Moher, it’s not like any other ocean you’ve seen I’ll bet. This mesmerizing deep blue-green shade draws you in—it’s the kind of water you’d expect to see mermaids in. With the enchanting Cliffs of Moher looming above, I wouldn’t be surprised to find something equally as magical, lurking somewhere below.

While the tour of the cliffs is short and sweet, you’re cold by the end and ready to be out of the biting wind. We all bid the Cliffs of Moher farewell and maybe we won’t see them again but if you ever get the chance to see them once, or even twice, you should. It’s one of those places where nothing else really compares to it. You just have to see it to appreciate it understand its vastness and magnificence. I’m certainly glad I did.