Jaycee: my trip to the Hotel Salus Terme, the wellness center

Jaycee Grider*

Friday, 22nd of November, I had the privilege of touring the breathtaking Hotel Salus Terme. The wonderfully kind hotel Manager, Alessandra Biagini, guided me through their wellness center of which features various pools (natural and salted), hot tubs, sauna, relaxation lounges etcetera. The surrounding decor and accents are blue and green, providing a tranquil experience even before the treatments and spa day may begin. This, alone, was so unique.
The hotel was built in 1990 and was recently renovated a few years ago in 2015. Since the modernization, Hotel Salus has allowed itself to mold it’s environment to the needs of any person it hosts. “The concept is,” Alessandra told me, “ No trouble; No thinking; No limitations.” It is clear to me that Hotel Salus prides themselves on paying special attention to the needs of each guest thanks to their remarkable hospitality culture. As we continued our walk, we made delayed stops in each special relaxation area. The large circular terme pool, located outside, was one of my favorites. The salt pool sits just behind it and a large garden surrounds the entire area. Even though it was lightly drizzling outside, I found myself wanting to dive right in and soak in those heated blue waters. The pools are each kept at 38 degrees celsius and Alessandra informs me this is the perfect temperature to provide the utmost relaxation for your body. I was then shown reading and sleeping areas, a vast relaxation room, an etruscean cave, their inviting treatment rooms, turkish showers, thermal pools, and so many other stunning amenities that just had me wishing I never had to leave.
In the future, Hotel Salus plans on expanding the restaurant area and continue to revamp their rooms. I got a sneak peek into three of their newer rooms, each of which are lively accompanied by views of the lovely green gardens. If you are looking for a getaway in a unique atmosphere, where elegance and relaxation come together, I implore you to seek out the wellness experience being offered at Hotel Salus Terme.

Terme Salus
Strada Tuscanese 26/28
Viterbo(VT) — 01100
(+39) 0761. 18755
(+39) 0761. 1970000

*The author
My name is Jaycee Grider and I am from Reno, Nevada, USA. I study journalism back in the states at my local school: the University of Nevada, Reno. For the next three months, I will be living here in Viterbo as an exchange student and I’ll be traveling around Italy as well as surrounding countries. Thus far my travel abroad experience has been wonderful. Viterbo already has a very special place in my heart.

Mi chiamo Jaycee Grider e vengo da Reno, Nevada, USA. Studio giornalismo negli Stati Uniti presso l’Università del Nevada, Reno. Per i prossimi tre mesi, vivrò qui a Viterbo come studente di scambio e viaggerò in Italia e nei paesi circostanti. Finora la mia esperienza di viaggio all’estero è stata meravigliosa. Viterbo ha già un posto molto speciale nel mio cuore.