Refugee and migrant children create mural to promote unity, peace and friendship in Greece

More than 180 children, aged 3 to 17, joined artists Achilleas Souras and Alice Pasquini to create a mural at the Skaramagkas Open Accommodation Site in Athens, Greece. UNICEF and Elix, a local NGO partner, organized the day-long event, aiming to provide children with the opportunity to express themselves through art.

The mural symbolizes unity, peace and friendship, showing seven girls and boys facing the direction of the wall. This depiction is meant to represent the individual voices and identities of children living in the camp – located a few kilometers outside Athens – and inspire children to paint their own messages and images on the backs of the t-shirts as worn by the children in the mural.

“We wanted to do something about identity,” said Pasquini. “Something about each one, but also everyone. What came out is the image of seven kids going over the wall, crossing the wall, and overcoming difficulties together. This is something they can learn here as well, to grow together, to support each other.”