Matthew Burk: My visit to the dying city

I had the amazing opportunity to see a historic medieval town located in Italy. The city is 74 miles north of Rome. Civita is a little town that attracts many tourists from diffrent countries. The town is called the “dying city” due to collapsing building caused by landslides and earthquakes.
This was my first field trip outside Viterbo. I believe the class got off the bus stop in Bagnoregio and we all walk to the long bridge that leads to the town. I was fascinated with all the little shops leading to Civita. On the walk over there. I ended up looking on some of the side streets and found these two girls playing soccer. I thought it would be a nice picture to have for my experiences visiting the town.
As we got closer to the bridge, it was steeper than it looked. When crossing the bridge, visitors and tourist must pay anywhere 3 to 5 euros per person. This Ticket price helps the people of bagnoregio and Civita. This is so the cities can thrive and sustain itself. A lot of the money goes to help restore the dying city so tourist all around can enjoy the medieval beauty.
After crossing the bridge and looking over the side. I realized that a car couldn’t be driven on this bridge. This bridge is narrow for pedestrians and mopeds in mind. It makes perfect sense, keeping the city in its fragile conditions. I believe I was told most of the residents left in fear of more collapses in the city. Now I believe, only ten people still live in the Civita, which is how the name “dying city” was given.
This town has beautiful walls, buildings and a tall bell tower located next to the 13-century church. I had already seen much beauty walking through the streets. Still, I was surprised to see many historic painting and sculptures that was inside this simple church. The town had shops open to the public. I visited the cologne shop across the street from the church and ended purchasing, a bottle of cologne for myself. On the way towards leaving town, I stopped in a souvenir shop and found two figures of Templar knights for my apartment, back home.
The field trip was a definite success. I am planning on visiting this beautiful city again before leaving Italy. I want to see more places around Italy, that has such rich culture and history. I will remember this city for the rest of my life so in a way the “dying city” will live on.

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