LIFE/Madeline Merlic: vivere a Viterbo o negli States

From the time I started to apply to universities, I knew that I wanted to study abroad. I applied to my home university, California State University, Chico, because it had and still has such a great study abroad program.

When I got accepted into the USAC program in Viterbo, I was over the moon; I could not believe that my dreams were becoming a reality. As I began to plan and pack for my four month study abroad trip, I got a bit nervous about what my life would be like in Italy.

Since moving to Italy I have noticed quite a few differences between the two countries. The first initial difference was an obvious one: everyone around me is speaking a different language. This made it tough to find places to eat at and to get groceries; the constant curious looks from the locals made going out a bit daunting too.

Another difference that I noticed was that the pace of life, here in Viterbo, is a lot slower or more relaxed then where I grew up in San Jose, California. I am used to days being jammed packed, people working from 8 a.m. till late in the evening. The weekends often used to complete work that they did not finish during the week. They do not seem to take time to enjoy the day, to enjoy a lunch with friends or family. In Viterbo, I see people sitting at Red Rose Café, laughing and enjoying their lunch together. A little old lady that lives in my apartment, leaves her place in the morning and returns at night with a bag of groceries for that night’s dinner.

The people in Viterbo just seem to know how to take time for themselves. For me, this is fantastic. I am so used to studying or working all day, barely able to rest until I have to go to sleep late at night. My life here is busy, but not at the same level that I am used to; the busiest I get is when I am trying to plan for weekend trips.

Of course my life is an exception compared to those who are from Viterbo; my life is less busy than theirs but they still seem to take time out of their day to enjoy the little things.

Hello, my name is Madeline Merlic and I am a student from California studying abroad in Viterbo, Italy. I am currently in my last year of university and in May of 2016 I will graduate with a degree in Journalism and Public Relations with two minors in History and European studies from California State University, Chico. I enjoy traveling and documenting my trips through photos.

Ciao, mi chiamo Madeline Merlic e sono una studentessa californiana. Questo è il mio ultimo anno di università e ho deciso di venire a studiare a Viterbo prima di laurearmi in Giornalismo e Public Relations all’università di Chico a Maggio 2017. Mi piace viaggiare e documentare i miei viaggi con delle foto.

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Instagram: @madelinemer