LIFE/Madeline Merlic: Plane travel of Europe

Since I have arrived in Italy, I have gone to over 23 cities and five different countries (Italy included). It has been an amazing experience and I feel so humble to have been able to have this great experience.
With these vast experiences, I have had to travel on four different airlines.
First off, airlines. To be completely honest, some airlines have gone above and beyond great customer service whereas others, not so much.
Vueling airlines was not too bad for pricing; I flew this airline from Rome to Vienna and it was about 100 euros. What I didn’t like about the airline is that the seats are very narrow and close together. I am 5’8” and I had trouble trying to fit my knees behind the seat in front of me.
Next on the list is, EasyJet. I flew this airline from Rome to Paris for about 69 euros and was pleasantly surprised that there was plenty of leg room. I did have to stuff my purse into my backpack upon boarding the plane because they only allow one cabin bag, whether this is a purse, backpack or a suitcase, it has to be one.
On my flight from Naples to Athens, I flew Aegan airlines for about 60 euros. The price was high for me for a one way ticket, but this flight was one of the cheaper ones. This is my favorite airline because they give out candy on the take-off, plenty of leg room and the staff was very friendly.
Lastly (drum roll please), I flew Ryanair from Athens to Mykonos and back again. The whole trip cost me about 80 euros, which is a lot for me but I wanted to fly to the island to escape the long boat ride that you can take from Athens, which is cheaper in comparison. I think that my experience on this airline was an exception because I got a whole row to myself because the flight was at half it’s full capacity; so of course this made it lovely.
I have two more trips in which I have to take an airplane planned and both are on airlines that I have taken before, so I know now what to expect.
Overall, I have loved my time traveling and cannot wait to explore some more!

Hello, my name is Madeline Merlic and I am a student from California studying abroad in Viterbo, Italy. I am currently in my last year of university and in May of 2016 I will graduate with a degree in Journalism and Public Relations with two minors in History and European studies from California State University, Chico. I enjoy traveling and documenting my trips through photos.
Ciao, mi chiamo Madeline Merlic e sono una studentessa californiana. Questo è il mio ultimo anno di università e ho deciso di venire a studiare a Viterbo prima di laurearmi in Giornalismo e Public Relations all’università di Chico a Maggio 2017. Mi piace viaggiare e documentare i miei viaggi con delle foto.

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