Jaycee, I visited Viterbo Underground

di Jaycee Grider*

On Sunday, October 27rd, I had the privilege of venturing through Viterbo Underground. While Viterbo has maintained much of its humble medieval structures, the tunnels that lie beneath the entire city make the antiquity that much more apparent due to how well it has been preserved. Even though the guided tour is only a section of the tunnels, it still wonderfully exhibits the somewhat forgotten tunnels and caves excavated in the tuff.
The very kind and informative director, Sergio Cesarini, was my tour guide for the morning. We took a walk through the museum dedicated to the Knights and discussed their symbols and livelihoods that revolved around the caves before we descended from the stairs and into the tunnels. He especially wanted to emphasis the energy that thrived throughout the space and the richness of the history that occured in the very place we stood some odd meters beneath the surface. Although these hidden gems are still being researched and rediscovered, they are believed to have provided ways of life from Etruscan times to the Middle Ages. He told me about how the Etruscans likely used the tunnels as a hydraulic system, as a way to collect and store water. We talked about the grave robbers that came years later, and how they would sneak into the areas of the tunnels where there were tombs or b and the thieves would steal valuables to sell and make a profit. As Sergio guided me, he stopped to tell me about the ceiling. He pointed out the white dots that scattered like paint and he told me these were meant to imitate the stars and that felt very special to me. Throughout my time beneath the city, I felt the importance of the tunnels. It was an emotionally intimate experience that I highly suggest others to endure during their visit to the beautiful Viterbo.


*The author
My name is Jaycee Grider and I am from Reno, Nevada, USA. I study journalism back in the states at my local school: the University of Nevada, Reno. For the next three months, I will be living here in Viterbo as an exchange student and I’ll be traveling around Italy as well as surrounding countries. Thus far my travel abroad experience has been wonderful. Viterbo already has a very special place in my heart.


Mi chiamo Jaycee Grider e vengo da Reno, Nevada, USA. Studio giornalismo negli Stati Uniti presso l’Università del Nevada, Reno. Per i prossimi tre mesi, vivrò qui a Viterbo come studente di scambio e viaggerò in Italia e nei paesi circostanti. Finora la mia esperienza di viaggio all’estero è stata meravigliosa. Viterbo ha già un posto molto speciale nel mio cuore.