Elizabeth Doub/Returning Home

di Elizabeth Doub

I have finally returned home to my hometown in Maryland, and it is definitely an adjustment. While I am glad to be reunited with friends and family, there are difficulties as well. I feel so different than I did before I left. Things that have been familiar to me my whole life are now strange and out of place. When I left the airport in Philadelphia, the first thing I did was drive on a huge highway to get home. It was such a shock after becoming accustomed to the narrow Italian streets and cobblestones. There were other things like this, like the size of the coffee I ordered at the airport, and how quickly we made it home to another state. Everything seems faster and bigger than I remembered. I know it will take a while to re-adjust to life at home, but it will happen eventually. On the other side, I still carry all the memories of Viterbo with me. I now have a second home and an experience that will stay with me always. While I’ll continue to try to adjust to life here, I will also try to keep my habits I gained abroad and implement them into my life for the long term. I will continue to cook and make espresso for my family. I’ll continue to learn Italian and keep my appreciation for the lovely artwork and culture I’ve experienced over the last few months. Most of all, I hope to keep my love of exploring and travel. I hope to come back to Italy someday, and to keep traveling and learning as much as I can. I am happy to be home, and grateful for all I have gained abroad that I will keep with me.

*HI, my name is Lizzie Doub and I study English literature at Goucher college in Maryland. Some things I enjoy are reading, camping, and cooking. My favorite foods to cook are frittatas and brownies.I also love traveling and exploring. Here’s a link to my Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/lizzi.doub.

Ciao, mi chiamo Lizzie Doub e studio letteratura inglese al Goucher College nel Maryland. Alcune cose che mi piacciono sono la lettura, il campeggio e la cucina. I miei cibi preferiti da cucinare sono frittate e brownies. Mi piace anche viaggiare ed esplorare. Ecco un link al mio Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lizzi.doub.

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