Riley Bowen, La Notte Rosa di Viterbo – The Pink Night of Viterbo

di Riley Bowen*


The Notte Rosa, the Pink Night, took place in Viterbo last Saturday on September 16th, organized by Claudio Moretti – MyWay. The Notte Rosa was an extraordinary occasion to connect the citizens of Viterbo, of which many of them dressed in pink, while restaurants and storefronts were decorated with pink balloons and flowers to participate in the event. This lively nightlong event drew crowds with different musical tastes. This night was a great and inviting opportunity for people to get in touch with each other in name for music and dance. Music of all kinds was played throughout the city. Vintage Confidential Band, Sugar-Zucchero Tribute Band and Dj Luca Zappelli, Dj Red and the historic voice of Patricketto, all of them made this night possible as they performed in different areas of the town. They all held their own full of personality concerts and drew in crowds. These bands were able to join together individuals in unity for the shared love of their own personal music style.

The DJ played Disco and Latin music until late in the night filling the whole Piazza delle Erbe with people of all ages, many of them even performed choreographed dances which drew in others to join in and follow along. Everywhere you could see people happy just for dancing that day. The crowds stayed until the DJ played the last song and enjoyed the company of everyone well after. Around 1 am, there was a wine tasting at Piazza Fontana Grande where it was possible to eat delicious tozzetti and wine to top off a great night.







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My name is Riley Bowen, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Portland Oregon where I attended Southern Oregon University. There I majored in communications and… And minored in creative writing, and played soccer for their women’s soccer team. I have a passion for photography and journalism and have written for my schools newspaper The Siskiyou. I hope to carry on with journalism in my professional career and capture people and places that do not get enough light shed on them.

Mi chiamo Riley Bowen. ho 20 anni e vengo da Portland, Oregon, dove ho frequentato la Southern Oregon University. Lì mi sono specializzata in comunicazione e… E laureata in scrittura creativa, e ho giocato a calcio nella loro squadra femminile. Ho la passione per la fotografia e il giornalismo e ha scritto per The Siskiyou, il giornale della mia scuola. Spero di continuare con il giornalismo nella mia carriera professionale e catturare persone e luoghi che non ricevono abbastanza luce.