Life/Zelda Elisco: The Beauty of San Pellegrino

I can still clearly remember the first walk I took alone throughout my neighborhood in Viterbo. I began my walk by following the rustic stone wall along my street towards the most historic area of the town; San Pellegrino. After taking the windy roads past rusted doors and potted flowers, I stumbled upon an opening which looked upon Piazza San Pellegrino. One of the most beautiful Piazza’s in all of Viterbo, the petite courtyard is less than the size of half a basketball court but serves as a sacred hallmark for Viterbo. Nestled between the medieval stones streets, the church of San Pellegrino sits on one end of the piazza, while Juliet’s balcony stands on the other end. The piazza creates a perfect square, with ancient arches lining the perimeter and doorsteps to crowded apartments close by. In all, the piazza combines a church, medieval architecture, and the doorsteps of ancient homes to create a serene ambiance. Every time I pass through Piazza San Pellegrino, I am taken a back by the pure beauty it represents. The space created between the bustling streets of Viterbo by such a unique piazza, allows a person to travel back in time, to when Italy was roaming with renaissance artists and maidens.
Before the Italians swapped shorts for sweaters in August, I enjoyed relaxing in Piazza San Pellegrino during the cooling hours of sunset with friends. Grabbing a pizza before making our way to the steps of the San Pellegrino church became a ritual we carried out weekly. Together, we would laugh and enjoy watching the piazza’s many visitors, all who stop to take photos and admire the blatant beauty of the place.
Sitting on the ancient steps of the church has always seemed the perfect studio for painting, sketchy, giggling with friends, or getting lost in thought. I try to make a tradition of visiting the San Pellegrino Church every Sunday, or at the very least stumbling through the square to daydream.

Zelda is an Environmental Science student from California who is currently studying abroad in Italy. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, photography and painting. In addition to attending school in Italy, she also manages a travel blog where she documents her experience abroad and discusses culture, food, and her adventures.
Zelda e una Americana di California. Lei studia Environmental Science, e anche abita in Italia. Quando lei ha tempo libero, lei piace cucinare, photographia, e dipengere. Anche, lei ha una giornale su online, dove lei scriva a sua vita in Italia.