LIFE/Madeline Merlic: Holiday Season has come to Viterbo

Oh the weather outside is frightful but the Christmas lights are so delightful! The holiday season has come to Viterbo and the town is alight was various lights and markets.
The holiday season is a special time of year meant to be spent with friends and family, those who you hold dear. What a better way to spend some quality time with loved one’s than to wander around the streets of Viterbo and marvel at the beauty of the various lights and to eat delicious sweets at the markets.
Through the gates of Porta Romana, an onlooker can see the beginnings of the marvelous lights. Hanging from the old medieval walls and from the surrounding buildings, drapes of lights create the beginning of the light show that makes it’s way all the way down Via Giuseppe Garibaldi to a giant glittering Christmas tree. It stands so tall that one can see it from the top of the road.
Walking past the glowing Christmas tree, one can see the various stalls selling all kinds of goods from pajamas to salami and honey. The booths are decked out in red and white striped fabric with green roofs.
Back up the hill and into the medieval section of the town, there are more traditional Christmas markets which sell all kinds of candy and chocolate treats. Some of the chocolates are made to look like old pocket watches or like miniature Santa Clauses. Various venders are dressed as elf’s and are working quickly to finish their products before the 25th.
The lights continue in San Pellegrino square as the façade of the church becomes a backdrop for a light show which displays snow and a grand Christmas tree. The houses surrounding the square are also dressed up for the occasion with lights that dangle down from the balconies.
The holiday spirit is felt all throughout Viterbo with it’s lights and markets but also with the joy that comes from it’s citizens, artisans and venders. At the end of the day, it is not about how much you spend on gifts or treats but who you spend the holidays with and the great memories that are made with them. Strolling the streets of this great little city is a great place to start making those memories that will last a lifetime.

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