From Home to Viterbo- Dal Maryland sino a Viterbo

di Elizabeth Doub *

I arrived in Viterbo on January 9th after months of preparation and anticipation, ready to begin my study abroad experience. I was excited and nervous, but I felt mostly prepared. I had done research on Viterbo and Italy in advance, but I don’t think that any amount of research could have prepared me for the actual experience.

I come from a small town called Boonsboro, Maryland (pictured), where I grew up. Boonsboro is very small and quiet, so I am used to the slow pace of life there and the charm it has. In Boonsboro, there is a main street with a few restaurants and shops, and an inn. There is also a small park where people have picnics and sports practices. There is not really a nightlife, and most places close around 9:00. The main attraction about Boonsboro is that it is close to the Antietam national battlefield, where a historical battle of the American civil war took place.

When I came to Viterbo, I was immediately overwhelmed by the beautiful structures everywhere. The architecture and landscape of the place was unique and unlike anything I had ever seen before. There were fountains and piazzas, so many different cafés and restaurants, and tons of narrow cobblestone streets. My apartment, that I share with three other students, is outside the walls of the city and overlooks a small courtyard. I had heard that Viterbo was a small town, and after growing up in a small town, I expected to be familiar with the pace of life here, However; I was very surprised to find out just how different it really is. Most shops close during the middle of the day for a break, and restaurants typically do not begin serving dinner until late in the evening. I have begun staying out later than at I do at home. There is also a decent nightlife, with many bars to choose from. Viterbo may be small, but it still has the lively atmosphere of a city. It has taken some adjustment to get used to living here, but I am starting to really love it.

HI, my name is Lizzie Doub and I study English literature at Goucher college in Maryland. Some things I enjoy are reading, camping, and cooking. My favorite foods to cook are frittatas and brownies.I also love traveling and exploring. Here’s a link to my Facebook :

Ciao, mi chiamo Lizzie Doub e studio letteratura inglese al Goucher College nel Maryland. Alcune cose che mi piacciono sono la lettura, il campeggio e la cucina. I miei cibi preferiti da cucinare sono frittate e brownies. Mi piace anche viaggiare ed esplorare. Ecco un link al mio Facebook: