Ariel early departure: Thank You Viterbo

Words cannot describe how heartbroken I am to leave beautiful Viterbo. News came early Saturday morning that my program would be cancelled, and we have been advised to go home. I was in immediate shock. Months of preparing and excitement led up to this semester abroad, as it is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Viterbo, you gave me more than I could have ever asked for. I will miss the beautiful cobblestone streets that shined after a rainfall. I will miss all the fresh food and the fresh produce, especially the oranges. I’ll miss the Saturday morning antique market and all the cute cafes around town. I will always admire the slower pace of life and the ability to sit and enjoy a meal. I hope to bring the lessons I’ve learned and the ability to be in the moment back with me to America. My time may have been cut short, but it does not take away from how thankful I am to have had the experience I did.
Without coming to Viterbo I never would have met such amazing people. The friends I have made here have become my family, and the bond we created in a short time is making it even harder to say goodbye. The laughs we shared while watching sunset, enjoying a glass (or two) of wine, playing card games, studying for Italian language tests together, and walking through the streets of Italy are memories I will cherish forever. This small town became my home and I will miss everything about it. I wish I was able to see the charming San Pellegrino in the summer, go to the hot springs, try more restaurants, and learn the language better.
Italy has been an amazing experience. I learned more about myself and my capability to take on new challenges. I know I had so much more to learn but I will take my new love for adventure and independence back to the States. This is not a goodbye because I know I have so much more to see. Viterbo has my heart and I know I will be back one day. Thank you for all the opportunity and good times. I will never forget these amazing last two months I had here.


*My name is Ariel Levin and I am from Los Angeles, California, USA. I am studying mass communication design at California State University, Chico. I decided to spend my spring semester studying abroad and live in Viterbo, Italy because it is an amazing opportunity that I had to take advantage of. While living here for the next four months I plan to travel around Italy and the surrounding countries. My experience so far has been more than I could ask for. From the people to the food.

Mi chiamo Ariel Levin e vengo da Los Angeles, California, USA. Sto studiando design di comunicazione di massa alla California State University, Chico. Ho deciso di trascorrere il mio semestre primaverile studiando all’estero e vivendo a Viterbo, in Italia, perché è una straordinaria opportunità di cui ho voluto approfittare. Mentre vivo qui per i prossimi quattro mesi, ho intenzione di viaggiare in giro per l’Italia e nei paesi circostanti. Finora la mia esperienza è stata più di quanto potessi chiedere. Dalla gente al cibo.