LIFE/Madeline Merlic: New in Town, H&M in Viterbo

Tucked away amongst the small shops of Viterbo, Swedish company H&M stands out with its floor to ceiling windows on the corner of Via Di S. Luca and Via Della Cava.
This new store opened its doors on November 16th in an area of Viterbo with many small shops. The store is large and has three levels which includes a main floor, a top floor and a basement.
One shopper, Jacqueline Schied, an American student studying at Tuscia University commented on the location of the store.
“[The store] fits in with the shops of the area, it does not over power the smaller shops.”
Her friend and fellow shopper, Jovanny Ortiz, agreed with this statement. She also mentioned the current stock of the store.
“As a frequent shopper, the store felt like it had a limited selection of clothes. As a new store, it should have older stock so that they could develop a stronger sales section.”
Ortiz went on to say that the sales sections at H&M stores she normally visits have a nice selection of clothes to choose from and this is an aspect of the store that she really enjoys and is missing from this particular store.
On its main level, the store has a variety of clothes for women that include causal, business and dress cloths as well as an accessory section near the cash registers. In the basement, there is a selection of undergarments and clothes for infants and toddlers. Up the escalators or the grand staircase up to the top level, there is there change rooms, men’s clothes and clothes for women who range from teenagers to young adults who want a more fun look.
As one walks around, the atmosphere is relaxed with pleasant music playing; the warm heat makes the shopping experience nice and cozy. The employees, at the time were very busy because the store was closing but they were friendly and spoke English and were helpful in the change room.
Even though it is a big company in a quaint little town, H&M managed to create a store that fits in to the small town feel that Viterbo has.

*student from California studying abroad in Viterbo, Italy

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