Things to do and places to see

Matthew Burk

My time in Viterbo has been a great but challenging process. I’m used to having more activates to occupy my time. So, I’m left with very few options until I explore Italy and see what it has to offer. I hope Italians read my articles, so my voice can be heard. I’m here to get an understanding of a different cultural background. I hope, I can give you a little piece of my culture because is totally abstract from the normal standard American. Where I come from “I’m a Good old boy”.

Last weekend I participated in what I can only describe as a parade or carnival in Viterbo. People were dressed up in different customs, dancing, playing music and marching to the beat. Kids and families were having fun watching the festival. I saw crowds eating popcorn, clapping their hands and tossing paper confetti in the air. Seeing the Italian people celebrating and showing a different side of culture that I haven’t seen, lifted my spirits in a higher standard of the Italian way of life.

I had fun walking the streets and interacting and joining in the celebration. I still don’t know what the celebrations were for but that didn’t distract from intermingling with the locals, eating popcorn and getting covered in confetti. People were dressed in make-up to look like Witches and Smurfs. Then I saw others dress up like hippies and followed by princesses from the Disney movies. I even saw one individual dressed up as Abraham Lincoln in the parade. Witch, of course, I had to take a picture.

I am glad I was blindsided last weekend with this parade in town. I’m still a stranger and a foreigner to your country. Being here has given me a different outlook on life and that’s my goal to gain from Italy. I want there to be a difference between me and other people from my state. I want to take different challenges and different opportunities.

I was currently advised that I miss the battle of the oranges in Ivrea, Italy. I am saddened by this atrocity. I’m looking for a historic and modern-day event while I’m here in Italy. So, I can only ask the people to subscribe post on my wall or friend request me. I want you to tell me events that I can tell you about my experience from a person that was raised stick in Idaho.


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