Life/ Zelda Elisco: Favorite home cooked Italian dish

One of my favorite parts about living with my host family is experiencing a new side to the Italian culture. Before my arrival in Italy, I like many Americans, believed that the Italian diet was centered around pasta and pizza. However, upon my arrival in Viterbo, I have been able to taste many new Mediterranean dishes that makeup the Italian culture. To begin, I have noticed that Italians enjoy eating a variety of beans. In most dishes, the beans are served in a broth and soup, often with vegetables or even sausage. I have also been surprised with the amount of vegetables in the Italian diet. My host family enjoys a salad every night, and often broccoli or spinach as a main dish. At least once a week we enjoy together a frittata, which is often made with eggs, ham, potatoes, and a cheese. Out of the all the amazing dishes I have eaten, I have grown most found of my host mothers lentil dish. In Italy,“Lentecchi”, is made from lentils, vegetables, and sausage. In reference to American food, I would describe this dish as being similar to a stew and lentil soup combination. I especially love to enjoy this dish on a cold day in Italy because it has a very home, hearty taste. The sausage and vegetables flavor the broth the lentils cook in and taste marvelous together. My host father especially loves to eat his portion with some toasted bread and olive oil. Below I have attached the ingredients, with which my host mother prepares this special dish. I highly recommend enjoying at home with your family!


Olive Oil

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Zelda is an Environmental Science student from California who is currently studying abroad in Italy. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, photography and painting. In addition to attending school in Italy, she also manages a travel blog where she documents her experience abroad and discusses culture, food, and her adventures.
Zelda e una Americana di California. Lei studia Environmental Science, e anche abita in Italia. Quando lei ha tempo libero, lei piace cucinare, photographia, e dipengere. Anche, lei ha una giornale su online, dove lei scriva a sua vita in Italia.