Andrea Duri: from trail runner to business owner

If you find yourself walking in the Cimini Mountains or any surrounding natural attractions of the Tuscia area, you may encounter a man. Andrea Duri is a co-owner of RUNNER, a specialty running store in Viterbo. His energetic nature is prevalent to all who interact with him.

Why did you choose to open the store RUNNER? Tell me about that journey

Some chances and a set of circumstances made me think about opening the RUNNNER store. I had already been working in the running job sector for some time, and when I noticed that in Viterbo – the town I live in – there was no longer a specialized running shop, I got the idea to start another store. The RUNNNER project was born this way. Together with my co-founder Enrico Alfonsini, I chose the store name, found the right place, and got involved in the logo creation. I caught the opportunity to give a physical working dimension to my passion for running.

How has your love for the environment and sport affected your work?

Putting together the passion for sport and running with the passion for my job was something natural. I could turn my passion into a job, and I don’t think there is a more beautiful thing to realize. I try to do my best in all that I do both within the store and during events and competitions. I want to transmit the
energy that running generates to the people I work with and all the runners that I meet.

Where do you prefer to run?

I was made for the mountain. I love all woods where I can practice trail running and get out of my daily routine. I also run on the streets, but the contact with nature is a real source of change. It’s regenerating. The silence, the voice of nature, the sound of my steps, my breath, all in harmony.

Have you run marathons? Which ones?
I only ran one marathon: Turin, 2014. I prefer trail running and ultra-races. I like dirty roads, trails, and mountains. I can cite the Ultra Lavaredo Trail in Cortina d’Ampezzo, on the three Lavaredo Peaks, a UNESCO heritage site. And also, the Mont Blanc Marathon in Chamonix, in the Alps. Those landscapes are unique!

What are some goals you want to achieve?
The daily challenges, especially those ones that make me look far and beyond. I could run anywhere there is a mountain that deserves to be climbed in Europe or the US. The longer the journey, the greater the exchange between us and the surrounding nature. My dream? The UTMB (Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc), 170 km and a 10,000m. We’ll see.

I hope that Andrea achieves his goals and continues to intertwine his passions for sport, exploring, and the environment.

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The Author Amber Petrossi

I have been studying abroad in Viterbo for the last four months, and as it draws to a close, I reflect on all I have experienced here. Slowly becoming accustomed to the food, places, and culture of Tuscia, I have held so many aspects of this place close to my heart. I am grateful for the opportunity to intern with TusciaUp, it has enhanced my learning experience of Italian culture and I have met so many inspiring people. I have many to thank for these lessons, and I will forever remember my time in this country. A warm goodbye to you all.

La mia esperienza all’estero, per questo semestre primaverile a Viterbo sta per concludersi, ho potuto avvicinarmi alla cultura italiana, alle tradizioni della Tuscia, vivere nuove esperienze e nuove conoscenze. Sono entusiasta di avere con i miei articoli avuto l’opportunità di incontrare alcuni artisti della Tuscia attraverso i miei articoli per TusciaUp. E’ stata davvero una bellissima esperienza di cui ringrazio tutti, con un caro arrivederci presto per approfondire la conoscenza con questo magnifico Paese che ora sento pure un po’ mio.